Welcome to the Gimbal WikiEdit

Unofficial wiki for the Gimbal game begun by the /r/Gimbal subreddit. A multiplayer shooter with buildable vehicles.

If you're new to the game, check out The Guide.

  • A ship activates its sensor Ping.
  • Hangar: ship selection screen
  • Hangar: ship design screen
  • A team's base, the Carrier
Gimbal Trailer00:46

Gimbal Trailer

This wiki aims to contain everything you need to know about the game. If you wish to contribute then please go ahead, every little helps!



  • The Guide (Official Gimbal Guide)
  • Introduction/Gameplay
    • Spoilers "100 Gimbal Tricks"
    • First Steps/Your Pilot
    • Controls/Camera
    • Money And Rank
    • Playing Online/LAN
      • Maps/Gamemodes (with ship recommendations maby per Hyperlink to "example ship list")
        • Race
        • Free for all
        • Capture the flag
        • Destroy Carrier
          • Carrier Description
  • "Hangar"
    • Ship list
      • Owned ships
      • Homebrew ships
      • Stolen ships
    • "Test flight"
    • "Edit design" Ship Builder Interface
      • Description of Ship Builder Interface (Basic usability; Component Inventory, Ship building area, Component placement, Component rotation, etc)
      • Description of Ship Component Categories (Propulsion, Weapons, Airframes, etc)
      • Ship Components
      • Description of Ship Component Tiers
      • Description of Ship Dynamics (Drag & Aerodynamics, Steering, Propulsion, Mass affection)
      • Description for Software management
      • Example Ship list
        • Sorted by Tier/invested Money
        • Anybody should be able to post and document his shipdesign.
  • Tips, Tricks, Hints, Gadgets, Bug exploits, Known bugs and FAQ, wherever they see fit!

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